Live VJ Effects

This section is about real-time video effects for VJing. All effects are based on the FreeFrameGL 1.5 (FFGL) standard and are GPU accelerated. To my knowledge Resolume Avenue 3 and VDMX b8 are the only VJ tools which support FreeFrameGL video effects at the moment.


FrParametersChange parameters like size, position, or rotation in your FX chain -  before or after other effects, whenever you want! read more


Highly configurable stroboscope, support for BPM based flashes. read more

FrRGBDelay (beta)

Delay the Red, Green, and Blue channel up to 50 frames. Additionally you can control the opacity of the three channels. read more

FrFunkyColor (beta)

A permutation of the Red, Green, and Blue channel. RGB → GBR → BRG → etc. read more

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